Our market is ….

We are a Farmers’ Market which means 51% of our vendors must be farmer/producers in accordance with Public Health Regulations and Farmers’ Markets of Ontario guidelines. We are governed by a Board of Directors (vendors and non-vendor participation) that selects all our vendors from applications received.

All our vendors must grow, raise, or 100% make what they sell. Reselling is allowed only by farmers with a special request on our application form. Each request is dealt with by the Board.

We provide a safe and friendly environment to shop and socialize.

We are a growing market responsive to our customers, and the community.  Music by local musicians at the market is from 10:00 until noon with special thanks to Clearview Township. We have a Canada 150 event starting 01 Jul 2017 for children to help them identify and make healthier choices. The Healthy Choice Scavenger Hunt is at 10:00 am every Saturday morning with a prize for the first 5 children to find a felt vegetable.

We do allow socialized dogs at the market on a short fixed leash that will sit at the owner’s side. They are not permitted near tables especially food tables with the exception of the dog treat table (George & Gracies). Owners must clean up after their dogs and are responsible for any damage to or at a booth, or any injury to a market customer. Please consider that dogs are a liability to a market’s success as not all customers are fans of dogs, for personal, or health reasons and may stay away as a result. We do not encourage you to bring your dog.


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