2019 CFM Application (2020 applications start 15 Jan 2020)

We are a rain or shine market, and it is considered that vendorship is a privilege and not a right. We insist that you grow, make, or bake what you plan to sell. Site visits, jurying, and food paper trails will all be part of the process. The Board does not allow reselling, except in special cases where farmers may apply to do so. We insist on openness and transparency to protect our customers.  We have full time and part-time positions.

The Board reviews and decides which applications meet our criteria and will be accepted. Please read the Constitution and Bylaws before signing your application. They are found under Governance & BOD

If the application has been closed email the market manager at

2019 All applications are closed until 15 Jan when the 2020 applications will be posted. If you want more information email Thanks

Volunteers – Volunteers are very important to our organization. We greatly value their contribution to the market atmosphere on Saturday mornings. If you are interested in helping out or need some volunteer hours for your school graduation please email the market manager at


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