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Let It Pour Creations

Welcome to the exciting world of Let It Pour Creations, where one of a kind acrylic pour conversation pieces are brought to life. Since 2018, Natalie has been creating acrylic pour paintings. Her fascination and love of colour have allowed her to create beautiful and unique pieces of art where no two pieces are ever the same. Her pours are done on a variety of materials including canvas, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, and metal pieces.

Natalie Merritt-Broderick

519-830-2023 or

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Nusha Designs – Nancy Groshens

All types of jewelery designed by Nancy, made from materials bought will travelling the world.

Email Website or 416-473-8490


Health for Life – Lori Madgett

 Health for Life  Lori’s goal is to help discover paths for a healthier life. “Simply natural and effective” products

The Health for Life product line began with Pink deodorant and Lavender/peppermint body butter.  It has expanded to include body soap, shampoo, lip balm and bath bombs in many different fragrances.  For more information on Health for Life products visit our website to shop online

705-440-9663 email



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